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Syncing Your Infusionsoft Account with MOBIT

Updated: November 3rd, 2016

MOBIT can be integrated with your Infusionsoft account, allowing you to import all your Infusionsoft Tags, Contacts, and Custom Fields into MOBIT. Every 15 minutes, MOBIT syncs with Infusionsoft to ensure that any changes are reflected inside MOBIT. You can also trigger of a manual sync to Infusionsoft any time you please. Any updates to contacts made in MOBIT appear inside Infusionsoft instantly.

In this article, we will show you how to sync your Infusionsoft account with MOBIT.

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Instructions

1 - Navigate to My Settings from your main navigation.
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2 - From the Settings section of MOBIT, select the Integration tab 

3 - Select Infusionsoft from the 'Your Application' dropdown, then enter your Infusionsoft account name and API key into the appropriate fields.

4 - Select Start Sync. The following pop-up will appear. Make sure you read this article before clicking continue. 

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5 - Select the Infusionsoft Phone Field you would like to map to MOBIT's Mobile Number field too, as outlined in this article. 

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 6 - Click Next to select the Infusionsoft Custom Fields you would like to import into your MOBIT account. Only import the Custom Fields you are going to be using in your MOBIT campaigns, as the fewer Custom Fields you import, the faster the sync process will be. You can map and unmap your Custom Fields at any time by checking and un checking their respective check boxes.

7 - Click Next to preview the Additional Fields that will be mapped through to MOBIT, then click Start Sync. 

8 - Select whether you would like to be notified when your sync with IS is complete then click Start Sync. 

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9 - The time MOBIT takes to sync your account will depend on the number of contacts you have, however, you are free to use your account normally while sync runs in the background. You can click the sync icon in the top right of your screen to check how sync is progressing on your account.
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