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Landing page library

Updated: November 21st, 2017


The landing page library is where you can choose from dozens of pre designed landing pages that are ready to use in your own campaigns. Use them as is, customize them further, or us certain elements or them, they are fully customizable in our drag and drop landing page editor. 

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Using a template from the landing page libary in a campaign

When adding a new campaign

To make a template available to use in one of your campaigns simply click the orange Add button. When adding a new campaign, any added templates, will appear in the Select Template drop down. Simply select the template you would like to use and click Save. You template will appear in your Landing Page Editor.

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Adding a Landing Page from the Landing Page Editor

1 - Click the action button to the left of Design

2 - Select Add New Template

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3 - Select the landing page you would like to use, then click Add Template

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4 - You will now be redirected to your new template. Don't worry! Your old template has not been deleted or over riden. To access you old template, click the same action button in step 2 and select the desired template

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