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General FAQs

Updated: November 20th, 2017


Can I add multiple users to my MOBIT account?

No, you can currently only have one user login to MOBIT.

Can I change the email address that I signed up to MOBIT with and use to log in?

Not in MOBIT. If you would like to change the email address that you signed up to MOBIT with and use to log in, please contact us in app, in the support icon in the bottom right corner of your screen, or at

Will my customers know that I am using MOBIT?

Maybe. When a customer receives a MOBIT from you (an SMS containing a link to your landing page), this link will always start will, and resolve to an page. Landing page web links also start with and resolve to page.

If I am referring people to MOBIT, can I get paid?

Yes! You can either sign up as a referral partner for free and earn between 15-20% commission on every person you sign up, plus periodic $500 bonuses, or you can sign on to be a certified partner and earn higher commission rates plus many more bonuses. Click here to find out more or email


Why are my Infusionsoft custom fields not showing in my MOBIT account?

Unlike tags and contacts, MOBIT does not automatically sync all of your custom fields unless we do as it slows down the time your account takes to sync. We recommend only sync the custom fields you need to your MOBIT account. If an Infusionsoft custom field is not showing in your account, make sure that you have mapped to the custom field when setting up your Infusionsoft sync. 

I just added a new custom field in Infusionsoft. Why is it not appearing in MOBIT?

If you add a new custom field in your Infusionsoft account, it will not appear in your MOBIT account until you map to this new custom field.


My campaign just got send out. Have contacts received an SMS yet?

Generate an outbound SMS report to see the sending status of your message. There are 4 statuses to look for:

  • Delivered - Your message has been received by the contact.
  • Undelivered - Your message has been successfully send out of MOBIT, however, your message has not yet been received by the contact. This may be because their phone is turned off or they are out of reception. Check back later and this status may change.
  • Sending - Your message is still being processed out of MOBIT
  • Error - There was an issue delivering your message. Check the contacts number is correct.

Why did some contacts receive my campaign via your long code, not 72000?

If there is an issue delivering a message to a contact via our shortcode, MOBIT will reroute the message through one of our long codes. This ensures your SMS has the best chance of reaching a contact in the most timely manner. 

Can I SMS market to contacts outside of the country I signed up to MOBIT with?

Yes, but only in the 4 countries we currently operate in, which are New Zealand, Australia, United States and the United Kingdom. If you would like to market to contacts in the countries, you will need to add their country to your SMS settings. 


There is no action to send an SMS when I try to send a message to a contact manually.

You will need to first set up a send SMS/MOBIT action in the campaign builder of your campaign.

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My timer did not work. Why not?

Firstly, check that your timer is set up right. Actions must be set up off your a timer. You can also check out the other list of common problems as to why your timer may have failed.

Why are there messages in my SMS manager?

If you try to send messages outside of the legally required sending times in your country, your account is low on credits, or messages fail to send out of your account, messages will be queued in your SMS manager, where you can decide whether you would like to delete them or resend them.

My landing page says it is inactive when it is viewed

If you are being redirected to the inactive page of your campaign, you will need to make sure that your campaign is turned on. If you set start and end dates for your campaign and the end date for your campaign has been reached, your campaign will also be showing inactive page, so you will need to edit the end dates of your campaign.

Keywords I have purchased are not available to use in a campaign

Sounds like your keyword is already in use in another campaign. You will first need to unassign this keyword from this campaign before you can use it in another campaign.


A contact submitted a form. Why was a new contact not created?

If their Mobile number or Phone number already existed in your database, they would have automatically been matched to an existing contact in your database. 


What browsers does MOBIT support?

At this time, MOBIT currently only supports Chrome and Firefox. While MOBIT still works in other browsers such as Safari and Internet explorer, any bugs or issues you encounter using MOBIT are not supported by our team and will not be trouble shooted. In order to get the best use out of our resources, MOBIT is only tested across Chrome and Firefox, so we ask that you use MOBIT in one of these two browsers!


Click here to read our FAQ's on text marketing laws in the US. If you are in NZ, AUS, or the UK, click here.

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