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What Are Merge Fields?

Updated: November 21st, 2017


A merge field is a placeholder used to insert personalized content into a marketing piece such as an email. For example, [#PR:FirstName#] is a merge field that inserts the value stored in the First Name field of the contact record into the marketing piece. You can use any of your Primary or Custom fields as merge fields.

You will see merge fields appear throughout MOBIT, and have the ability to add merge fields to text messages, to text on your landing pages and admin notifications. 

In all cases, if no merge field value is present for the contact when a merge field is used, MOBIT will simply hide the merge field on your marketing piece e.g. Hi [#PR:FirstName#], welcome..... becomes Hi, welcome....


In Your Text Message

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On a Landing Page

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In Admin Notifications

Merge fields can also be used in Admin emails and Admin SMSs to personalize the content you receive in your notification. When ever an admin email or admin SMS action is executed, a contacts unique information will be merged into your notification. For example, when a contact submits a form on your landing page, you may wish to send yourself a notification that contains that contacts information, such as their email and Mobile number. This is a great way for you and your team to follow up on leads without even logging into MOBIT.

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