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Using the Text Widget

Updated: November 21st, 2017


Use the text widget to add text to any landing page. The text widget can be customized in style, size, color, font, and most importantly, it can include merge fields, allowing you to personalize your landing page each time it is viewed by a contact. Their unique information will be populated in place of the merge field place holder.

Adding text to a landing page

  1. Drag the text widget onto your MOBIT landing page.
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  2. Customize the text widget from the left hand properties column. Manipulate the size of the text box on the landing page by hovering over you text box and dragging the corners of the text box like you would do in power point. You can also change the dimensions and positioning of the text box from the Geometry section.
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  3. To add merge fields to your text, expand the text section from the text properties column and click Insert Custom Field.
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