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The Single & Double Opt In Process Explained

Updated: January 30th, 2018

When you are composing a send a text action that has been added off a keyword received or opt-in form submitted goal, you will need to decide whether contacts that are not already subscribers will follow a single or double opt-in process.

In this article, we will explain the difference between a single and double opt-in process, and how country laws and regulations affect which opt-in process you should choose. 


The main difference between single and double opt-in process is whether or not a contact has to confirm that they would like to receive text messages after their initial opt-in request. 

In a single opt-in process, contacts become subscribers and receive a confirmation text as soon as they text in a keyword or submit an opt-in form. They do not need to confirm their opt-in. 

In a double opt-in process, contacts need to confirm they would like to opt-in to receive text messages from you. When a contact texts in a keyword or submits an opt-in form, they are sent an opt-in text which they must reply YES. Their opt-in status will be set to unconfirmed until they reply YES, at which point they will become a subscriber and receive the confirmation text.

Choosing an Opt-In Process

When it comes to choosing an opt-in process, you need to consider country laws and regulations as text marketing laws and regulations differ in every country.


Under a law called the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), you must have 'prior express written consent' from a contact before you send them any marketing text messages. 

When a contacts texts in a keyword or submits an opt-in form, you should follow a double opt-in process and use the opt-in text to obtain a contact's prior express written consent.

Click here to learn more about the recommended US opt-in processes and set-up.


Regulations set by Canadian Carriers require that you follow double opt-in contacts when they submit an opt-in web form, however, when a contact texts in a keyword, you can follow a single opt-in process. Click here to learn what the requirements for Canadian opt in and subscriber text messages.

United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia

Unlike the USA and Canada, which sometimes require you to double opt-in contacts, you can single opt-in contacts whenever they text in a keyword or submit an opt-in form. 

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