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Filtering Messages From Your Inbox

Updated: November 21st, 2017

Because your message inbox displays all inbound text messages from contacts, you may want to use filters to display messages from contacts that are meaningful to you. 

For example, you may want to hide all Keyword Matches, STOP Matches, and YES Matches to only show Other Matches.

Applying Filters

1 - Click the filter icon to the left of the search bar
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2 - Select the filter conditions you would like to apply to your message inbox, the click Save

Hide Keyword Matches - Hides any responses from contacts that exactly match any keywords that have ever used in campaigns e.g. Disney, MOBIT, Pizza, NFL.

Hide Stop Matches - Hides any responses from contacts that exactly match stop

Hide Yes Matches - Hides any responses from contact that exactly match yes

Hide Other Matches - Hides any other responses from contacts that doesn't match the above three filters i.e. a keyword, stop or yes response.

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Clearing or Editing Filters

Your message inbox filter will stay applied indefinitely until you decide to clear or edit them. To do so

1 - Click on your filter icon.
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2 - Edit your selected filters, then click Save. Image title

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